The production of components take place both through mechanical processing on traditional lathes and cutters and through mechanical machining on CNC machining centers (lathes and milling) with 2, 3 and 5 axis, served by latest generation CAD-CAM workstations.

The range of components produced is very wide, thanks to the diversification of the available technologies (multi-axis rotary and flat-bed milling cutters) and thanks to the historical know-how, where manual skills and great operator experience are critical success factors.

The experience gained over the decades allowed a continuous evolution and customization of the equipment used on the machinery.


3-axis milling machines with vacuum bench with stroke up to 5000 mm. They are used with CAD-CAM systems, both in the realization of details with two-dimensional shapes and in the processing of three-dimensional surfaces.

Simultaneous 5-axis CNC milling machines with movement on optical guides which, thanks to their high speed and versatility, allow the production of any type of screw (linear, variable section, rotary, etc.) and cam with variable alignment.

CNC lathes with motorized axes are used in machining of series of complex parts that do not require further processing.

CNC machining centers with programmable tool changer allow the reduction of machinery timing for parts which the high number of different processes is a critical factor.

CNC pantographs are used specifically for engraving on any type of surfaces, including the hardest materials resistant to mechanical stress.

Traditional lathes and cutters of various sizes, are used for the processing of details or for the finishing in recovery.