Thanks to its extensive experience in the industrial application of the plastic materials, O.L.F.A. can advice the customer on the best solution using the most innovative plastic materials.
Technical department can advice the customer on the most suitable material, respect to the end use, with specific attention to the cost/opportunity ratio, following the customer along the prototyping phase.
The high production flexibility allows O.L.F.A. to produce also prototypes and single component.

Solutions for moving
Thanks to its extensive collaboration with the most important worldwide leaders in the filling sector, O.L.F.A. can produce a wide range of screw systems to move, to transport, to rotate, to overturn, to divide or to merge bottles, boxes, cans, vials of all kind of shapes and dimension.
O.L.F.A. can produce screws for selection, transportation, rotation, overturning, division and merger, based on technical input from the customer.
O.L.F.A. is also able to provide all the plastic and metal components used to move the bottles and the containers through the packaging line (filling, capping, labelling).